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Hi there Mummy or Mummy-to-be! Thank you for your interest in Vanny's classes & fitness training sessions.


A little something about myself. I am a Fitness Mummy Blogger (@Vannytelly) and a certified Aerobics Instructor with FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness). I am also a certified First-Aider in CPR and AED, as well as a certified ACE Fitness Trainer. As a mother of 3 (YES - just delivered in Jan 2020!!), I have worked with prenatal Mummies to keep fit & healthy, and taught Prenatal Aerobics during almost all of my second pregnancy. Being the founder of Pre, Postnatal & Baby-Wearing Aerobics in Singapore, I personally taught the classes and accompanied my Mummy students all the way till I was 35 weeks far. My surprise baby came two days after my last class. It was an amazing experience where my baby literally slid out without needing me to push nor did I require episiotomy. Labor was a breeze that even my Hubby who was along side me in the labor ward felt astonished. I remembered his exact words asking me to share my testimonial with other Mummies and we were both giggling with joy & happiness. 🙂 So here I am, sharing my joys with you Mummies. (To read more about myself, click here for my interview by theAsianParent or here for my birth story). 


Setting up Vannyfitness in aiming to help Mummies start preparing for the quickest and best recovery post birth, starting from before the pregnancy. It starts as early as from the time Mummies plan for a baby, till pregnancy, and finally moving on to postnatal fitness. The early commencement of keeping fit is significant in helping maintain strength in health and shape throughout. Consistency and keeping a balance is the key! This is applied to diet, exercise, rest, and body posture. 

Pre/Postnatal/Baby-Wearing classes are suitable for most Mummies as they are Low Impact & Low-to-Moderate Intensity which is suitable for beginners and up; something easy for everyone. If you'd like a more serious take on getting back on track, consider personal training sessions where your trainer (that's me) will help achieve your fitness goals by guiding you closely thru weekly sessions. Ultimately our goal is to set up a fitness community for Mummies to come exercise and keep fit together in a stress-free environment. Let's journey through pre & postpartum with a positive, happy, and healthy life. Healthy Mummy = Healthy Baby. 😄

Ps. Due to the current situation in Singapore, regular classes are no longer held in studios. Online sessions are available for circuit style classes, baby-wearing (suitable for 3m up), and personal training. Feel free to contact me or visit my Instagram for more info!


To view more videos & snippets of the classes, do follow me on Facebook/Instagram @Vannytelly and @Vanny_fitness. Thanks!

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“Initially I doubted that I could keep up after years of not exercising (since JC more than 10 years ago!). Thankful to have found a great instructor in 
@vannytelly who is super friendly & whose figure is super inspiring.
U made me look forward to exercise!”

Mummy Jing Ting

“A great instructor to follow with, always make the class enjoyable for us . Didn't know that preggy can do so much until get to know her . Will definitely join her for more lesson in the future . If you are looking for a great aerobic instructor , SHE'S THE ONE!”

Mummy Jessie

Vannyfitness Pregnant Moms Students

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