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Tremella DX Japan Night Drink (367g/box)~Natural fruit extract~Formulated In Japan 🇯🇵~Detox, slimming, whitening, improves skin~Suitable For Breastfeeding & 🤰🏻Preggy Mummies (after first tri)Price List:•$46/1 box•$85/2 boxes•$137/4 boxes + 1 Free small box Tremella•$343/10 boxes + 1 Free regular box Tremella•Contains 16 sachets/box.•Take one every night, 1 hour after meal or before sleep.•And wake up to a clearer bowel.•Free normal mail (but seller will not be liable for lost mail)•Top up for SmartPac mail or courier:> $3.80 for 2 boxes> $5 for 4 or 10+1 boxes (courier)Who should take the Tremella-Dx+ j’pan enzyme nite drink?ConstipationExcess fatBody edemaUnhealthy dietInsomniaChemical productStressPale complexionAgeingThe other Six Effects:White fungus contains laxative gum which has a strong lubricating effect. Regular consumption will remove most toxins out of the body, therefore it is very effective for constipation.The dietary fibre in White Fungus can help to increase the intestinal motility, reduces the absorption of fat, and thus achieving weight loss results.White Fungus is also rich in natrual vegetable gum, added with its 'yin' function, long-term consumption can enhance beauty, remove facial melisma as well as freckles.It can also improve liver's ability to detoxify, protecting it from diseases.It is rich in vitamin D, which can prevent the loss of calcium as such it is beneficial for the growth and development of the body; it is alos abundant in selenum, which is capable of preventing tumors.White Fungus also has the tonic effect, because it contains polysaccharides which helps to enhance humoral and phagocytic activity of macrophages, it not only helps to prevent infection, but also promotes bone narrow growth, and anti-radiation.Directions:Consume one hour before or after meal or before bedtime (Physiology issues can be improved if consume on an empty stomach; Those with weak or malnourished body should consume after meal to improve nutrients absorption).Consume one packet per dayConsume 2 packets for a rapid effect (If necessary)Consume more than 18 days.No need to brew. Easy to carry. Open the seal and just drink.Flavor:Comprehensive sweet and sour fruit flavor. (Has better taste after it is chilled.)Product Origin:Raw materials imported from Japan, Uses the frozen extraction technique. Fully processed in a sterile room. *Tremella Dx sold on Vannyfitness are authentic. If you’d like you may check with me on my authorized registered cert in private as I do not wish to have them posted on the web to avoid non-authorized sellers re-using my details. Thanks. To make purchases, kindly head to my official web shop via this link: TIPS FOR DISCOUNTS: ~ No Shopee account? Use my referral link to get $10 when you sign up with this: ~ For additional discounts, do insert promo codes (if you have) during check out. ~ And if you have ShopBack account you may purchase through ShopBack and earn rebates! ~ Sign up using my referral link for ShopBack and both of us get $5 credits instantly:

Tremella Dx Japan Night Drink

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