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- 300ml, highly concentrated with 100% pure Feng Jiang ginger extracts- No silicon oil, No paraben, No additives, Chemical free- No chilli oil, No animal-based ingredients- No colouring- suitable for everyone including babies, Preggy Mummies and confinement MummiesBenefits For The General:
- Ginger improves blood circulation- Stimulate hair follicle cells to promote hair growth. Prevent hair loss, hair breakage, dandruff- Helps to detox by removing toxins from hair scalp- Consistence use of ginger shampoo also helps to prevent headache, eliminate fatigue, prevent migraines, flu & coldBenefits For Confinement & Postnatal Mummies:
- 100% pure Feng Jiang ginger extracts may help to expel wind for hair washes during confinement- Promotes hair growth to help combat postpartum hairloss
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WoWo Pure Ginger Shampoo

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